IAMI : produced at The Bridgade for ligorano/Reese
Information Architecture & UX/UI design

"IAMI is a constantly changing, woven data portrait. It displays an abstract representation of our subject’s activities and their responses to a self-reporting emotional survey. These activities are collected and generated by the FitBit activity tracker. Three times per day, IAMI sends a series of questions our subjects asking about how they’re feeling. It contacts them by SMS or email. These responses are displayed as changing color fields."

The design was kept minimal and flat to add the least amount of layer on to the gradient background that changes daily, which is a subtle representation of how this art piece works. I believe that, in a project like this, the hero should be the physical artwork that displays the result, NOT the interface that user interacts with. I also made sure it's easy-to-use and responsive to work on wide rage of platforms and devices.